Sit. Stay. Comply!

Intellicomply, powered by Allgress, offers a new and improved GRC solution designed specifically for resource constrained small and medium-sized businesses.

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New Offering

Rapid Risk Assessment

Intellicomply’s newest offering, the Rapid Risk Assessment, finds the gaps in your GRC processes in just 50 questions. Choose your framework, answer 50 questions and you’ll be supplied with a full dashboard & report on areas you must improve in order to reach maximum compliance. Additionally, our consultants will guide you towards full remediation so you’re ready for audit! Here’s how we do it…

Access Once, Comply to Many

Intellicomply is comprised of 8 modules for all your governance, risk and compliance needs.

risk register

Risk Register Module

Articulate your corporate risk posture in one place in real time.

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vendor management

Vendor Management Module

Track the current status and assessment scores for all vendors in one central repository.

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Compliance Module

Bring operational efficiency to increasingly demanding compliance regulations.

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policy management

Policy Management Module

Automate policy management to strengthen your organization.

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incident management

Incident Management Module

Combat the increasing amount of risks and stay ahead of the game.

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vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management

Consolidate and manage vulnerability data in one console.

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What Are Managed Services

We survey your organization and keep a log of your answers. This allows us to automate future risk and compliance to-dos so you don’t have to answer the same questions, year after year. Our managed services is subscription-based and further simplifies your organization’s GRC needs.

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