Simplify Increasingly Complex Regulatory Demands

When Compliance Becomes a Walk in The Park

Our compliance module brings operational efficiency to increasingly complex regulatory demands. Making compliance effortless, consistent, repeatable, and defensible is arguably more important within small and medium businesses than enterprise. Spreadsheets and pivot tables are time-consuming and error prone. As a “standard and framework agnostic” platform, Intellicomply provides the automation necessary to aggregate and interpret the information in a meaningful way to a variety of audiences across any regulation, standard, or framework. Thus, reducing the pain of managing multiple compliance initiatives, while also minimizing the associated costs and risks of noncompliance.

Features of Compliance Module

Reduce Complexity

Reduce complexity and errors by employing a repeatable process for any type of Assessment.

Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with unlimited proprietary or industry regulations and frameworks, such as FedRAMP, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, SOC 2, FFIEC, GLBA, ISO, and NIST.

Apply-to-many Tactics

Enables the assess once and apply-to-many tactic to your compliance requirements.

Cross-Compliance Mapping

Visually represent cross-compliance mapping in a variety of ways.

Governance Program Overview

Enable the mapping of regulatory mandates and frameworks to policies and technical controls to create a single pane of glass view of your organization’s governance program.

Cross-Organizational Workflows

Utilize built-in or custom reminder notifications and easy workflows for assessments with cross-organizational collaboration.

Remediation Plans

Create and execute remediation plans in real-time to help mitigate identified risks.

Executive Management Dashboards

Build executive and management Dashboards with real-time, empirical data by using a variety of graphical charting options.

Rich Reporting

Rich reporting functionality branded with your organization’s logo and formatting requirements for delivery in Word, PDF, or HTML.

Defend Compliance Position

Defend your compliance position with your third-party auditor with the click of a button.

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Would you like to gain a deeper understanding of our compliance modules? Our data sheets provide comprehensive information to satisfy your curiosity about the what, why, and how of our offerings.