Incident Management

Easily Manage Incidents, Small to Large.

Incident Management
Made Easy

Our incident management module enables security and risk professionals to simplify the management of security incidents and investigations. A centralized document collection site with built-in information gathering templates allows customers to unify, prioritize, and access incident information from a single repository. Intellicomply helps SMB organizations understand the impact of security events, maintain situational awareness, and make effective mitigation decisions.

Incident Management Module | Intellicomply

Features of Incident Management Module

Track & Report

Track and respond to security threats impacting your company’s critical infrastructure with centralized management, root cause analysis, reporting, and tracking.

Triage & Resolution

Provide incident triage, coordination, and resolution.

Consolidate Communication

Collaborate with team members on incident investigation and remediation activities via the Allgress federated chat functionality as opposed to email, keeping the allocated triage team within their assigned incident(s).

Lifecycle Management

Conduct security incident lifecycle management, including submission, investigation, handling, response, and remediation efforts.

Capture Responses

Capture incident responses with tailored incident types based on your organization’s requirements.

Robust Reporting

Inform management teams about current incident statuses via robust dashboarding and ad-hoc or scheduled reporting capabilities.

Investigation Insights

Organize and access investigation documents and information.

Incident Prioritization

Manage incidents based on overall business impact.

Notification Triggers

Mobilize and communicate key information to incident stakeholders with built-in and configurable notification triggers.

Risk Posture Information

Escalate applicable incidents to the Allgress Risk Register to inform your risk posture.

Easy-to-learn Workflow

Empower your incident response team with a manageable, easy-to-learn, and efficient incident workflow.

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