How Intellicomply Began

Simplifying GRC Requirements for Small Businesses

Intellicomply, founded in 2023, is a governance, risk and compliance solution designed for small and medium businesses that must meet all standards and requirements as enterprise companies, but with less resources. Our core differentiator is our Managed Services feature, a subscription-based service where our team completes your GRC documentation annually so you don’t have to. We ensure your compliance standards are met and your risks and vendors are assessed so you can focus on your business. You assess once, we’ll handle the rest.

Security and compliance are universal, whether you’re a Mom and Pop business or a Fortune 500. No matter how limited a business is in staff and money, GRC requirements are non-negotiable. Intellicomply is powered by Allgress, a GRC solution with an established foundation among enterprise companies across multiple industries since 2005. The original Allgress product is praised by Gartner & Fortune 500 companies. Intellicomply’s solution has been adapted further for speed and agility required by the unique environments of SMB.

The solution is designed with “assess once, comply to many” in mind. Schedule a demo to learn more about the Intellicomply solution.

Our Mission

Intellicomply understands that compliance is just as crucial for small and medium businesses as enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. Our mission is to simplify GRC requirements for companies that are working with limited resources and staff and automate these processes moving forward so they can turn their attention back to their own business goals.

Leadership & Team