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Risk Register

Take a Paws on Risk!

Intellicomply’s Risk Register equips your team with everything you need to seamlessly manage risks facing your organization. Our risk register module provides your executives, stakeholders and management team with full visibility and insight into the statuses of each risk, updating in real time. Crucial information regarding each risk – origin, age, type, operational risk owner, and remediation activity – is easily accessible within Intellicomply.

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Features of Risk Register Module

Escalate Tasks

In addition to bringing in an existing Risk Register, you can escalate tasks and records from within Intellicomply’s suite directly to the Risk Register from the following modules:
Compliance, Services, Incident, and Vulnerability

Intuitive Workflow

Provide repeatable, intuitive, and unified workflow for managing, alerting on, mitigating and remediating risk.

Standardize Risk

Employ a standardized risk management schema, ensuring everyone in the organization ranks risk similarly, allowing business units to speak the same language.

Risk Overview

Provide a holistic “at-a-glance” risk-based view of your organization wide security posture.

Risk Scoring

Leverage a fully customizable scoring function for both inherent and residual risk, include frameworks such as OCTAVE.

Track Risks

Track strategic risks, assign ownership across the organization, quickly and easily communicate your risk posture through dashboards, and provide continuous monitoring and improvement of your organization’s risk posture.

Prioritize Risks

Score and prioritize risk, based on the likelihood of threat occurrence and the impact to the organization.

Actionable Tasks

Provide actionable information for all company stakeholders.

Risk Association

Gain the ability to associate risk to business units, vendors, compliance standards and internal policies.

Data Translation

Translate operational and tactical risk data into meaningful information, allowing you to communicate to your team via dashboards, trends, summary, and detail reporting.

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