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Your organization is only as strong as its weakest vendors. Gartner research has shown that 60% of organizations work with over 1,000 third party vendors, even more if you include fourth parties. This poses a significant security threat to an organization when multiple parties’ systems are integrated. Connections can be made via application interfaces, remote connections, or the vendor’s employees connecting to the customer’s network while onsite.

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Protect and Connect

This is why it is vitally important that organizations perform some level of due diligence before commencing a business relationship with a new vendor. By requesting the completion of a risk assessment or survey, you can make sure that the vendor adheres to the same security standards that protect your organization from an attack, and that any identified security leaks within the vendor are mitigated to a satisfactory standard before they connect to your network.

Features of Vendor Management Module

Adaptive Survey Questions

Customized Response Scoring

Automated Vendor On-Boarding

Customized Pre-Qualification Forms

Ability to Import Custom Questionnaires

View Survey Response Status

Easy-To-Understand Survey Interface

Comprehensive Reporting

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