Vulnerability Management

Track Your Organization’s Weaknesses and Plan Ahead

Unlocking Value from Vulnerability Data

Most commercially available vulnerability scanners provide a wealth of data and proprietary management consoles, but no clear action plan. As a stand-alone solution, how valuable is your vulnerability data, outside of a check box on your compliance audit? With Intellicomply, smaller organizations can combine their vulnerability data with other risk data sources into one management console and provide actionable workflows based on the scan results.

In addition to contextualizing high and critical vulnerability findings into your risk story, Intellicomply operationalizes the entire vulnerability management workflow by importing scan results, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on definable rule sets, and creating remediation tickets for you based on user-configurable ticketing rules.

Vulnerability management module | Intellicomply
Vulnerability management by severity | Intellicomply

Security and risk professionals will derive greater value from vulnerability, penetration, and other security tools by consolidating and centralizing data across complex, global networks and summarizing that data into business‐ready formats with projected risks. The Intellicomply VAM maximizes these available resources by adding risk-based prioritization and operational workflow automation. As a centralized repository of data, Intellicomply leverages information from multiple data sources to provide organizations with rapid risk-posture analysis and the ability to identify all types of risks – including vulnerabilities. Customers will receive a holistic, meaningful single-pane-of-glass overview of their entire environment, with less manual effort.

Features of Vulnerability Management

Scanner Integration

Integrate with leading industry vulnerability scanners, such as Qualys and Nessus, utilizing existing vulnerability data to reduce duplication.

Data Consolidation

Improve efficiency through data consolidation and streamlined vulnerability management processes.

Risk to Remediation

Tie vulnerabilities directly to risks in your Intellicomply Risk Register to further inform risk management teams and track vulnerability-related risks to remediation.

Centralize Scan Data

Consolidate, store and fi­lter all vulnerability scan data into a common repository.

Automated Workflows

Automate remediation with configurable auto-ticketing rules through mitigation and management workflows.

Data to Business Insights

Transform technical data into business-oriented, real-time reports and dashboards to management teams.

Data Transformation

Transform vulnerability scanning data from spreadsheet chaos into automated, prioritized, and actionable results.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on the business impact of the asset.

Dynamic Insights

Offer more than a point-in-time view by delivering trending and time-series views that reveal vulnerability volumes, severity levels and mitigation progress.

Comparing Threat Levels

Reveal threat levels via business-unit and network-segment comparisons.

False Positive Handling

Manage and easily defer false positives.

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